Bring your zimmer for a shimmer

Join Don & Reg for
 Coffin Dodgers Disco this Friday 7th November, and every 1st Friday of the month. Advance tickets available here!

Also Don & Reg will be hosting their biggest Coffin Dodgers Disco to date with a special New Years Eve Party at O2 Academy2 Islington. Tickets available now!

Oh and if it all gets too loud, don’t be afraid to ask us to turn the music down!


Let's Get Ready to Grumble

Coffin Dodgers Disco is every 1st Friday of the month at The Phoenix, Cavendish Square, W1G 0PP (nearest tube Oxford Circus).

Join Don and Reg as they put out a call to arms for all the wrinklies out there who are still old enough to kick up some noise. 
These two don’t do hip-hop, it's more like hip-op for them!

They hate kids, so they’ve banned everyone under the age of 28. Don’t try and sneak in, as Vera, our door fascist, will be checking your ID and belting anyone who is younger and tries to sneak in with her handbag! STRICTLY NO UNDER 28s. NO EXCUSES!

You can bust a move or you can bust a blood vessel... all Don and Reg ask is that you get on the dancefloor and don’t require them to call an ambulance for you at the end of the night.

You can bring your own boiled sweets but you CAN’T bring a young person. This is our disco and all those snotty nosed youngster can find their own place to sniff Copydex or whatever it is they do these days.

If you would like to buy some tickets for future Coffin Dodgers nights (you are old, so you probably like to book in advance) click here. As above admission is strictly only to those aged 28 and over. Please bring ID whatever your age.

Got a question for Don and Reg? You can call them on 07806 710236 or email them!